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You have come to where the past has risen up to meet you. So that you will not soon forget those that have walked this land before you and did not destroy the land, but rather loved and cared for it.

The links provided here will give you a window into Native American cultures, history and difficulties faced.

  • Cherokee and other Native Americans
  • Cherokee Vs. Georgia
  • History of the Cherokee
  • Longhouse Homepage
  • Native American Homepages
  • Native American Genealogy
  • Sioux Heritage
  • Nakota/Dakota
  • A guide to the Great Sioux Nations
  • Wounded Knee
  • Herbal Native American Medicine
  • An old Grandfathers Sadness
  • Index of Native American Resources on The Internet
  • Cherokee Tribal Membership
  • The Cherokee Observer
  • Tsalagi
  • US House of Rep. - Internet Law Library - Indian Nations
  • Our Grandaughters page
  • Cherokee True Type Font Freeware
  • "Among these are many Native Americans"
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